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Welead OC Kick-Off Event

Welead OC ("WE" = "Women Empowered") is dedicated to empowering Progressive Democratic women in Orange County by engaging and educating through training and organizing.

Welead OC's mission is to build a backbench of Progressive Democratic women candidates, women campaign professionals and activists, thereby increasing the number of elected Progressive Democratic women in our County. 

Welead OC's primary focus is Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities in Orange County.




Who's donating

mary carter
Gail Wasil
Jaye Johnson
Robin Ganahl
Nicole Capretz
David Sonneborn
Marleen Gillespie
Donna Miller
Laura Ferejohn
Courtney Randolph
Helen Norris
Cristina Vicentd
Tara Steele
Lynn Einarsson Woods
Robert Tucker
Sara Holland